Technical Tips to Extend the Life of your HP Printer
Technical Tips to Extend the Life of your HP Printer

Printers are one of the essential parts of our day to day life for office and home. They resolve lots of paperwork like copying pictures, faxing, scanning and more. There are several manufacturers of printers and HP is one of the best manufacturers of printers. HP printers a manufactured with high-quality facilities and multifunction features and have set a benchmark in the market. However HP printers are built with high-level of hardware components, still most of the time they stop working properly before their time limits. But, if you want to make your printer last as long to perform printing, follow the technical tips mentioned below with best HP tech support.

Clean the inside of your printer:

In order to maintain your HP printer, one of the best attempts you can do is keeping your HP printer’s inside as clean as possible. It is simple and easy to attempt if you find the paper dust and other debris after opening the printer. It is must to use a can of compressed air in order to blow the dust and debris out from the printer. The procedure should be done once in a month.

Refrain from using bent, torn, or used paper:

If there is damaged paper inside the paper tray, then it can cause the paper jam problem. Anytime, you encounter the paper jam issues or something else on your printer; check the paper that is used in the printer. In order to make your printer free from jams and other issues, always try to use new paper that is not torn or damaged in any way.

Use high-quality paper:

In order to cost-saving measure, most of the users buy low-cost grade to use in their printers. Though, this sort of papers can also cause paper jams. In order to check the exact paper type for your printer, manufacturer publishes minimum paper standards. In case, your paper does not meet the specifications, the vendor will not provide until you use the proper type of paper. Further you need to check the documentation that ships with the printer or visits the manufacturer’s Web site to know the paper specifications.

Don’t fan paper before loading:

There is a myth that fanning a ream of paper before loading it in the print tray will reduce the number of paper jams, but it is not true. Majorly, you should simply avoid this practice as it can be the reason for the static electricity to build up between the sheets of paper, which actually causes even more paper jams.

Furthermore, the above steps to extend the life of your printer are not enough. There are more steps that can help you make your printer work perfectly for a long time. Here, you can take help from our technical customer support service HP technical support number +1-866-505-7911. The number is available round the clock where our technicians are ready to cater their customer with high-quality support.