How to Solve HP Printer Problem after Upgrade to Windows 10?

Upgrading your HP laptop to windows 10 not means that you will enjoy best computing service.  May be you can face printer related problem, and if you are using HP printer and not able to take out prints from your computer, it means you need to troubleshoot the problem. Below you can find few steps that will help you for fixing the HP printer problem in windows 10 systems.

Install All the Updates on Windows 10

Partial installation or if you failed to update windows 10 completely then many function will not work or not support various actions. And lack of such updates can also affect the printing task, and your HP printer will not able to print a document. Hence, update windows 10 with help of HP printer tech support for complete installation.

Check the Print Spooler is Running

Sometimes due to spooler error HP printer not works, in such situation you need to check spooler that should be running properly. Go to “view local services” under control panel settings find the print spooler and check the status, if it is stopped, then click and start the same. Spooler error is very common problem among the printer.

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Uninstall HP Printer Software and Reinstall

You can try another troubleshooting process by uninstalling HP software and reinstalling the same with right configuration. Also uninstall HP printer driver and install the same again with the help of HP printer customer support technician who will install latest driver for best output. Usually, after upgrading to windows 10, printer software or driver not support and required to update as per the compatibility of windows 10 OS.

Use HP Printer and Scan Doctor to Fix the Issue

The last and best resort for fixing HP printer problem is use HP Print and Scan Doctor to detect the actual problem and fix the same. You can download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor that automatically run the troubleshooting process to solve the problem. If this troubleshooting application fails to fix the issue then immediately call to HP printer tech support phone number and get help of technician to fix the issue.